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Orbite’s Origin Story

Written by Jason Andrews and Nicolas Gaume, Co-Founders of Orbite FROM SEA TO SPACE Orbite (french for Orbit) was founded on July 11, 2019, exactly 24 hours before the start of the 2019 Transpac (Trans Pacific) ocean sailing race from Los Angeles to Hawaii. Jason was excitedly pacing the dock in San Pedro Harbor in...

Launches on our horizon

April 2022 – AXIOM flight, Cape Canaveral Florida The AXIOM Mission 1 (Ax-1) is a twelve-day commercial human space mission onboard SpaceX Crew Dragon with 4 international crew that will dock with the International Space Station (ISS) (2 days to reach ISS, 8 days onboard ISS, and 2 days home via splashdown in the Atlantic...

What is Weightlessness and why is it Important for Spaceflight?

By Brienna Rommes Weightlessness is the total absence of any sensation of weight or any external force on your body. You ‘float’ freely. “It’s a very deceiving and magical chaos” my trainee explains to me after her first weightless flight experience. “Your mind can’t seem to grasp what is happening and you instinctively try to...

Orbite’s Head of Astronaut Training, Brienna Rommes, becomes certified weightless instructor on two continents

By Brienna Rommes Orbite’s Chief Astronaut Instructor and Director of Astronaut Programs, Brienna Rommes, became the only American currently certified on two continents for both the French AirZeroG by Novespace weightlessness program and on the US ZeroG Corporation program on Friday February 25th, 2022. With her recent international microgravity instructor certification, Brienna has now performed...